Brink’s Box.

The smart safe that lodges cash direct to your bank account.

Who is the Brink’s Box for?

Rural or urban, small independent or large group retailer, Brink’s Boxes are suitable for any business size that deals in cash, anywhere in Ireland. Ideal for retailers, pharmacies, hairdressers, restaurants, bars, hotels, bookies.

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No more trips to the bank

With every Brink’s Box, the cash on your premises is insured, counted and lodged to your account direct from your back office. Our units can process cash drops and lodgements in minutes eliminating bank visits. With the money appearing in your bank account the next day this is the fastest way to access your cash. The cash remains on your premises until the unit alerts cash collections to be emptied.

Banking from your Back Office

Benefits of a Brink’s Box

  1. Cash lodged to your account next day
  2. Eliminate bank trips
  3. Cash fully insured by Brink’s
  4. Quick and easy cash drops throughout the day
  5. Online portal to view and reconcile lodgements
  6. Lodge safely from your back office

With ‘Cash Drops’ that take only minutes to process, you save on time, bank charges and have access to your cash in your account the next day.


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How much does it cost?

Brink’s has a device and solution that will suit any business size. From simple drop and go entry level devices to large cash recyclers with full reconciliation capability. Prices are dependent on the device and your cash volumes and start from as little as €250 per month.

from €250

Cash Handling Business

  • Save on time

  • Save on bank charges

  • Fastest access to cash

  • Easy for staff to make cash drops

  • Fully Insured

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What our customers say about Brink's Box

"The retail box solution was a win win for our business at every level. It gave us the control to lodge money at a time that suited the business, with the security of knowing the cash was safe in the process but above all it improves our cash flow with next day lodgement processed to our bank. Our insurance company love it, our back office staff find the process very easy to use and we have next day cash in the bank. "
James Masterson
Centra Carrick on Shannon
"Lituanica recommends Brink’s Box for any business that deals with cash customers. The main thing is that you see next day credit to your account. There's an easy to use the App /Portal and you can track money after you lodge by amount, date and view all in the history. It's absolutely convenient - once you get money from the customer it can be lodged straight away. No big mess, no big money amounts to count at the end of the day- simple."
Eimante Butiskyte
"A key factor for our company is staff safety. The Brink’s Box Solution has allowed us to ensure that staff are never required to transport cash, as it is lodged in the back office. Our cash processing fees have reduced significantly. We see next day credit in our account which enables us to meet our day to day running costs. Our Head Office is also saving a significant amount of time in reconciliations, as all cash deposits are visible on the portal via the payment history. Brink’s Box has been warmly received by both Staff and management."
Eric Furey

About Brink’s Ireland

Brink’s Ireland has been providing Irish businesses with Cash Management services since 1969. At Brink’s Ireland, we provide cash management solutions for retail, hospitality and high street business, cash processing for financial institutions and turnkey solutions for everything in between.

With over 2,500 customers, across 10,000 outlets nationwide our 500 staff collect, deliver, count and lodge cash for you giving you peace of mind and leaving your free to get on with your day.

Brink's Ireland provides cash management services to over 2,500 customers across 10,000 outlets nationwide.